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GRC Firm has been appointed to build a projected 85 Freshark Restaurants in the Tri state area within the next 8-10 years. A Franchise food chain with a healthy KICK ! Look out NY 1st location in Mid-town just opened Fall of 2016 ready to bring healthy back to NYC.

freshark juice bar & grill

no matter what you order, you’ll never give up the taste for nutrition because at freshark, juice bar and grill, our chefs are culinary wizards with an expertise in making super foods super tasty. we make our healthy foods and juices in-house and we never, repeat: ever use microwaves, fryers, or additives.

from our latest energy-efficient kitchens to all natural cleaning supplies to compostable, recyclable, 100% natural packaging, freshark, juice bar & grill is deeply committed to protecting our environment. so at the end of the day, we know we’re treating the people we feed and the world we live in with respect.

healthy foods and juices

that’s what you get at freshark juice bar & grill: fresh, outrageously delicious healthy foods and juices, made to order from ingredients with ready-to-pop flavors.

so good it feels like an indulgence. but with our clean, all-natural healthy ingredients and simple preparation, there’s no guilt. when you eat at freshark, juice bar and grill you’ll wake up the next morning feeling good about yourself.

fresh, ripe food that’s totally healthy without skimping on flavor. that’s our mission. and it’s a concept whose time is now.

order a jam-packed wrap, juicy flame-grilled entree, crispy farm fresh overflowing salad, refreshing healthy juices or smoothie online now. or stop by rockville centre based freshark juice bar and grill for healthy foods and juices during breakfast, lunch or dinner.



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